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Kindergarten 2017-2018 Standards
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Monday, June 05, 2017

Kindergarten Standards to practice over the summer for the upcoming 2017-2018 School year.

These are some skills that will give them a head start for their Kindergarten Career:

·       Writing at least their first name, last name too if possible

·       Identify, write, and name all letters

·       Identify, name and write all numerals 0-10

·       Counting a few objects correctly 0-10

·       Identifying and naming all Flat Shapes

·       Identifying and naming all colors

·       Hold and write with a pencil correctly

·       Match pairs of similar beginning sounds orally

·       Match pairs of rhyming words orally

·       Match and name common opposites orally

·       Hold and track the print of books when read by adults

·       Take picture walks through books independently

·       Draw pictures and write some letters to tell a story

·       Tell their full name orally

·       Answer questions about or retell stories, books read to them, or movies they have watched

·       Orally rote count as far as they can correctly, to 100 if possible


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