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First Grade 2017-2018 Standards
Posted On:
Monday, June 05, 2017

Parents: Listed below are the standards your child will need to work on over the summer for the upcoming school year.


1st Grade


Get ready for First Grade!!

Orchard Elementary School



Print legibly.   Write your first and last name correctly.   Write and recognize upper and lower case letters. Write a simple and complete sentence using a question mark or a period.  


Recognize colors.

Recognize shapes.


Write to 100.

Practice counting orally to 120.


Add and subtract to 10. Draw pictures or use manipulatives to help you solve a problem.


Identify initial and final consonant sounds.                                                



Know the following signs and the meaning of each: + - =


Read The Chick and the Duckling, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and Hop on Pop this summer. Identify the characters and settings of these stories. Students will take AR tests on both of these at the beginning of schoool.


Read these high frequency words. I like do to you he can go a has this is my look little where here play the we all me she with for and have see said was

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