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Physical Education 




Our Departments main objective is to provide a safe,friendly,positive learning environment for all of our students at Orchard Elementary.  We are focused on having all of our students experience success in our classes.  To do this, we need all of the students to know and obey the following rules.  If a student does not then they are affecting our positive, safe, friendly learning and there will be steps taken to eliminate this behavior.








1).  Follow Rules at All Times (During Transition, During Activity, At Closing of Activity and During Transition Again)




2).  Keep Hands and Feet To Yourself At All Times




3).  Respect Teachers, Classmates And Equipment




4).  Excellent Behavior, Great Conduct And 100% Participation Everyday




5).  Positive Attitudes










1). Discipline Book  

Students behavior is recorded



2).  Class DoJo

3).  Student is placed into Review 360 depending on the severity of the incident.  A student may be sent to the administration immediately for such actions as; hitting, fighting, swearing, etc.



Reward System:




1).  Recognition for the following:


Following the rules


Performs leadership skills


Giving 100% Participation


Shows great sportsmanship




2).  Two claps for students:


Who provide demonstrations


Who ask a question properly (hand up) and/or ask or answer question.




3).  Recognition Slips:


Occasionally we will be sending home a certificate the student earned with great behavior.




4).  Physical Education Students of the month:


  Two students from each grade level on male and one female are selected as our P.E. Students of the month.  Each student will be announced on the morning announcements and recognized with a medal.




5).  Weekly Behavior/Conduct/Participation Chart:


A chart will be posted in the PE area.  When everyone in the class for the week had excellent behavior/good conduct/100% participation a sticker will be award to their class under that week.




6).  Golden Sneaker Award:


Each Week a class is selected as the top Physical Education class.  The Golden Sneaker Award will go to a class that listened well, worked hard and got along with their classmates.  The winning class will be announced on the morning announcements and a class picture on the PE board.





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